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Data Point Installation

Services/Data Point Installation

Trusted installers of phone points, data points and central filters in Mandurah and surrounds

Don’t entrust your communication to the outside world with an unprofessional company. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the leading providers of professional phone and data point installations in Perth. We take a personalised approach to any job we undertake, with communication at the forefront for all projects we work on. We are fully qualified to install and fix any problems you may have with your phone/data points.

Strong connectivity

It is imperative that your phone line installation and data connection provide your home and business with the best possible signal connection. We take our time to assess your premises to ensure that the signal and your phone/data point is placed in the ideal location. While you may prefer to have your points installed away from the eye and behind walls, however, strong connectivity favours open areas. At Coastal Antenna, we have the expertise to determine the perfect location to install your data points without it looking obtrusive.

Quality cabling and fixings

Don’t put up with slow internet speeds – quite often poor cabling is to blame. We source all cabling and connection points from trusted, professional manufacturing companies to guarantee high-quality fixings. All the fixings we use are durable and made to last.

Neat installation

Any time something needs to be installed, one of the first thoughts in anyone’s mind is the mess and untidy result. By using our professional antenna point installation services, this wont need to be a thought. We take the utmost care when it comes to installing antennas, phone points or data cabling. Not only do we make neat holes in the walls and use unobtrusive fixings, but we also make sure that when we leave, your home or business looks exactly the same as it did when we arrived.

Contact Coastal Antenna for a free quote to upgrade your data cabling today and enjoy the information highway the way it was intended.