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Can I mount an antenna inside my roof?

Coastal Antenna does not recommend this practice. The antenna will not perform to specification; it will suffer immensely from all kinds of interference.  Digital TV may work but expect intermittent faults.

Do the transformers for fairy lights and LED down lights interfere with TV reception?

All transformers will create interference. Ensure that all of your cables, including your fly leads are quad shield. Try not to plug the transformer into the same outlet as the TV.

How much does Coastal Antenna charge?

Due to many factors including signal location, layout and size of building and existing components, we offer free on site quotes to most areas.

What is the best antenna for my area?

The Perth area has both VHF and UHF transmitters. Your signal strength may also be affected by the distance from the transmitter and the topography of the area. The size and performance of the antenna will need to be more powerful if you are far away from the transmitter or you are located in a dense vegetation or hilly area. Coastal Antenna carries a huge range of antennas to suit all areas and budgets.

Will my existing antenna receive digital TV?

Most existing older antennas were never designed to effectively receive the new channels used for digital TV, particularly 11,12. However, in some instances where the signal is particularly strong and of good quality (such as near to the transmitter), you can get lucky and digital TV may work. Usually older TV antennas will have old type cable, splitters and other connections that certainly will not be suitable for digital TV reception, to help stop digital break up. We would recommend renewing your complete system, including the antenna, for trouble free digital TV viewing.

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