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Why it’s Important to Have Your Old Antenna Replaced?

When you are watching television, you want everything to be working perfectly. There are several problems which can occur with your antennae which will mean that your viewing will not be as smooth. Here at Coastal Antenna, we realise how important it is that the antenna is replaced on a regular basis.

Read our helpful guide to why it is important to have your old TV antenna replaced.

Old Antennas Can Become Lose From the Roof

Old antennas can become loose from the roof if they are starting to rust or they have been exposed to the elements for too long. If the signal is cutting out it is a sign that the antenna has come loose from the roof. The antenna will need to be fixed back onto the roof or it will need to be replaced completely.

The Wires On the Antenna Can Become Frayed

The wires of the antenna connecting it to the roof can become frayed after exposure to the elements. This will cause the pictures on the screen to flicker and will interrupt the programme that you are watching. The wires can be completely replaced to make sure that the antenna is working again.

The Antenna Has Been Installed Incorrectly

An old antenna may have been installed incorrectly which will cause the reception to be poor. The antenna should be inspected to see if the installation was carried out incorrectly. If the antenna shows signs of being installed incorrectly, it can be replaced by Coastal Antenna for an extremely reasonable price. Then you won’t have to worry about poor reception anymore.

The Antenna Does Not Pick Up Any Signal At All

The antenna can sometimes fail to pick up any signal at all. This could be down to a combination of factors. The wires might not have been connected properly. If the wires are fixed and the problem still persists, then it is time to install a brand new antenna. This will prevent any further problems from occurring.

Keep an eye out for any problems to make sure that the signal doesn’t drop out at all.

The Antenna Can Become Rusty

Antennas should not become rusty, but if they do then this will interfere with the signal and cause you to miss out on your favourite television programmes. The rusty antenna will have to be replaced with a brand new one so that everything will work correctly for a long time to come.

Regularly inspecting the antennas to make sure that they are in good working order is important. As this guide has shown, there are several problems that can lead to an old antenna needing to be replaced with a brand-new one. If you are having problems with your antenna that don’t seem to be going away, get in touch with Coastal Antenna today.