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Digital Home Entertainment — The Future is Here

All Australians should by and large have the capacity to get free-to-air TV, either terrestrially or via satellite (if terrestrial coverage is not accessible), assuming they have the right equipment.

The most widely recognised reason for poor television reception is that thing on your rooftop — your TV antenna. A poorly maintained, broken or incorrectly installed antenna is probably going to be the cause of your TV reception issues.

Following the switchover to digital television and the need to retune your TV, now’s a great time to check if your antenna is in optimal working condition. This is even more critical if it’s been exposed to our harsh climate for years. Digital television brings with it a large number of new channels, so ensure your antenna isn’t interfering with your viewing experience!

Assessing Your Antenna System

There are various factors to take into account when assessing your antenna system, including:

  • Your location — This can be a major factor in determining signal quality.
  • The equipment being used — The less complex, the better! You will require a reliable and well built antenna, high quality cabling and a fly lead.
  • How it’s been installed — Your antenna should be outdoors, pointing towards the right TV tower and correctly polarised.

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